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Technical sheet O Clandestino

A sand animation short film by Abi Feijó, based on José Rodrigues Miguéis's "O Viajante Clandestino" from the book "Gente da terceira classe".


lenght: 7’, 32’’ - 35mm colour; animation: Abi Feijó and Regina Pessoa; editing: Saguenail and Regina Guimarães; music: and sound design: Tentúgal; voices: Jorge Mota, Manuel Tadros, João Pedro Vaz, João Cardoso and Mark Camacho; sound effects assistant: Bruno Sousa; voice recording: Emiliano Toste (Estúdio Toste) and Richard-Olivier Jenson (SPR); voice editing (ONF): Leopoldo Gutierrez; mixing (ONF): Serge Boivin and Jean Paul Vialard; picture lab: Tobis Portuguesa and Covitec; negative cut: Aana de Lurdes and Claudine Blain; technical coordination: Andrée Delagrave; technical supervision: Claude Chevalier; Administration: Ana Vila Real and Maryse Chapdelaine; thanks to: Pierre Hébert and Diana Andringa; financial support of: Instituto do Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimédia and Câmara Municipal do Porto; sponsors: Margarida Feijó, Hélastre, Mediaplex; associate producer of post production (ONF): Marc Bertrand; assistant producer (ONF): Francine Langdeau; associate producers (RTP): João Garção Borges, Ricardo Nogueira and Luís Avelar; producers: Abi Feijó, Davide Freitas, Pierre Hébert and Marcel Jean; a co-production of Filmógrafo, the National Film Board of Canada and Radiotelevisão Portuguesa © 2000

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