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Exhibition of Original Drawings

By the same author as “A Noite”, pictures from the new film “Historia Tragica com Final Feliz” - an exhibition of original designs: studies, animations, sets and engravings.


The stories that I want to tell are always simple, about people whom I knew. Some are still alive, others not. They had anonymous or ignored lives; they disappeared from this world and were rapidly forgotten. I am interested in mysteries, the small dramas and the poetry that can be found in apparently banal lives. They are my heroes and my reference points.



In this new film, I wanted to continue to use engraving, because it is a technique with a very attractive graphic potential, specifically in terms of the play of light and shade that it allows. I divided the work between a team of animators, illustrators and engravers who use a special engraving technique that I had developed so that I could get the results I was looking for.



The ideas for this film came from an engraving and silkscreen print I was working on when I was studying at the Fine Arts School. Each phrase inspired an engraving and each image suggested a new phrase, and thus new technical and aesthetic challenges emerged. A long production process followed ...

We are following a girl and we discover that she is not the same as other people. She is “different”. The cause of her difference does not bother the community in which she lives as her suffering is of a very individual nature. The community and the girl react to the difference, the former by showing their intolerance, the latter by isolating herself. With time the community finally and rather coldly gets used to the presence of the difference, keeping it at a distance, but at the same time allowing it to become part of the daily bustle of their lives.

Differences exist, persist and are ever present. Some times there is a reason for their existence and they correspond to temporary states of transit to other states of existence, other times they are fatal ... Nevertheless, those who live them must accept them in order to achieve a deeper knowledge of themselves and a better awareness of the world.

One day she will go away and leave the community which will understand, albeit too late, that that strange character they had always kept at a distance had ended up by mysteriously becoming part of their lives ...


In my previous film, (“A Noite”) I used engraving over plaster plates, animated directly under a camera. This work produced very interesting graphic results, but was very morose, solitary and laborious.


In this new film, I wanted to continue to use engraving, because it is a technique with a very attractive graphic potential, particularly in terms of the play of light and shade that it allows. I have found from my previous experience that the work of animation and completion needs to be made lighter and less tedious. As a result, I divided the work with two other animators and three illustrators, finishing the drawings using a small team of six people who utilised a special engraving technique that I had developed to obtain the results I wanted: the animation drawings were photocopied onto a special paper, intended for posters, which were then coated in a black china paint and scraped, which gave them a very similar appearance to a scraper board.

Towards the end, we also made use of the potential that the computer offers us, particularly in combining the different levels of animation with the scenery and making one or another movement of the camera.

HTFF-caes danados.jpg

Travelling exhibition organised by Ciclope Films in collaboration with L’Equipee (France).

Supported by: Casa da Animação, Faro - National Capital of Culture 2005, the French Embassy, and the Municipal Council of Oporto.

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