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The “Express” Recipe

“Express” recipe – for engraving on plaster plates


  • 2 kg of plaster
  • 1 litre of water
  • 4 strips of wood
  • Vaseline as needed
  • 1 pane of glass
  • 1 very rough sheet of sandpaper
  • 1 bucket of paint (gouache, diluted with the right amount of water)
  • 1 story, 1 idea, or a sufficiently strong intention
  • 1 sensitive and understanding producer
  • Endless amounts of patience and perseverance
  • 1 cup of craziness

Preparation time: three and a half years

Degree of difficulty: + + +


After we are sure that our idea or plan is suitably strong, make up a framework with the strips of wood of whatever size you want (the recommended size is about 30 cm to 40 cm.) Smear the glass with Vaseline, spreading it well so that it makes a uniform and very, very, fine layer.


Place the wooden framework on top of the glass, and stick down its edges with brown sticking tape.

Mix up half the water with half the plaster (until the water has all been absorbed), and mix it up well so that there are no lumps, and spread it evenly around the inside of the frame. Leave it to stand for some minutes.

When it has hardened, mix up the other half of the plaster with the remaining half of the water, together with the sisal threads, and pour this mixture on top of the previous layer.

Leave it to set well, remove the sticking tape, and put it in place on the glass plate.

Let it dry for about a week.


After it is thoroughly dry, put it on a very rough sheet of sandpaper, and give it an irregular finish across the whole surface of the plate, with decisive movements, in all directions. Dip the brush in the paint and spread it uniformly across the surface of the plate. With the help of a stylus or an x-acto knife, or any other instrument that suits the designer, make the first image, scratching the plate with greater or less pressure (but always smoothly) so that you obtain different tones, or distinct degrees of light. To correct mistakes, to put in little details, or to cover or uncover particular areas, you can make use of small paintbrushes and paint.


When the first image is ready, put it in place under the camera. Light it with two spotlights at 45 degrees, and film at an angle and from the right, with emotion and passion, always scraping away, building up the images, first filming them and then destroying them in order to achieve the following drawings.


When everything is ready, show your film in public, and garnish it with some beautiful music. Serve it hot, with plenty of love.

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